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Days Off

Sisters, Joanna and Anissa, started their chocolate business from their apartment kitchen. 

The brand was originally called WellWithYael, which the founders decided to change to Days Off and do a complete rebrand so that the brand image would truly represent the essence of the brand; Taking a Day Off and enjoying your chocolate bites without any regret.

Using bright and vibrant colors in a gradient effect, I wanted to create a hallucinatory experience that transports you to your sweet escape. I decided to use colors that were associated with the experience each flavor will provide you.

For example, the Zen Zone flavor is adaptogen-infused, and stress relief, so I used calm colors such as light blue, yellow, and purple. The Energize Me flavor is infused with coffee crunch and lion's mane giving you the extra energy needed for the day, so I decided to use punchier, more vibrant colors to represent the effect.

Instagram: @daysoffbites

Disclaimer: We had no say in the decision-making for the product photoshoot.

Days Off

Days Off


Brand Identity & Label Design



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