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Face Studios

Face Studios is a skincare brand that embraces and empowers confidence among individuals of all races through its exceptional skincare products. The branding strategy revolves around the concept of simplicity and elegance, using only two colors: black and white. These colors symbolize the brand's sophisticated and timeless essence.

Drawing inspiration from the racial classification proposed by Carleton S. Coon in 1962, which divides the world population into four main races (White / Caucasian, Mongoloid / Asian, Negroid / Black, and Australoid), Face Studios wanted to emphasize its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Incorporating the number "4" into the brand's symbol, Face Studios showcases its dedication to serving individuals from all racial backgrounds. This symbolic representation highlights the brand's core values of celebrating and embracing the beauty of all races.

By combining a minimalist color palette and a meaningful symbol, Face Studios communicates a powerful message of unity, inclusivity, and empowerment. The branding captures the essence of the brand's mission to provide superior skincare products that instill confidence and enhance the natural beauty of every individual, regardless of their race.


Face Studios

Face Studios


Brand Identity & Label Design



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