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Guacamaya Handmade Store

Guacamaya Handmade Store, founded in 2018, is a socially conscious brand that supports and empowers over 100+ women artisans in Colombia. These talented artisans specialize in the art of handmade knitting using the traditional crochet technique, a skill that has been passed down through generations. With great dedication and passion, they create exquisite knitted products, including the renowned Colombian "mochilas," using both natural and artificial fibers.

The mission of Guacamaya Handmade Store is to empower these artisans by providing them with opportunities to showcase their craftsmanship and earn a sustainable income. By offering a platform to commercialize their products globally, the brand enables these women to provide for themselves and their families while striving for a better quality of life. Through their work, Guacamaya Handmade Store not only preserves the cultural heritage of handmade knitting but also promotes the economic independence and empowerment of the talented artisans in Colombia.

Instagram: @shop.guacamaya

Guacamaya Handmade Store

Guacamaya Handmade Store





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