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Rebranding for Himas, a Colombian food business.

This has been a brand we have worked with since it was founded. 

We designed its first image and now it's redesign. 

It started out as a hummus-only. Its original design was inspired by Arab culture and the origins of hummus. We used darker earth colors and the typography was inspired by the Arabic alphabet.

As the business grew, and new products were introduced, the original brand image was no longer in line with what the brand wanted to convey so the owner decided to do a rebrand.

For the updated design, we decided to make a much brighter, and cleaner brand identity compared to the original one. The redesign was carried out throughout all the brand assets, including their social media. 

Instagram: @himas.col

Disclaimer: We had no say in the decision-making for the product photoshoot.




Brand Identity & Label Design



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