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Michelle Hernández

The main objective of the branding project for Michelle Hernández Design and Architecture Studio was to capture the essence of creating spaces that truly reflect the identity of the individuals who inhabit them.

To establish their new brand image, I carefully selected a thin and elegant serif font. This choice not only exudes a sense of sophistication and refinement but also aligns with the studio's commitment to delivering exceptional design and architecture services.

Additionally, I infused movement into the visual representation of the studio's name. By incorporating subtle design elements that create a sense of flow and dynamism, I aimed to convey the modern and dynamic nature of Michelle Hernández Design and Architecture Studio. This visual element captures the studio's dedication to innovative and forward-thinking design solutions.

The overall branding approach seeks to convey the studio's expertise in creating spaces that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on capturing the true essence and identity of its clients.


Michelle Hernández

Michelle Hernández


Brand Identity



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