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Onnea - Fall '23

Concept development, and print design for Colombian swimwear brand, Onnea.

We drew inspiration from the distinct characteristics of Amalfi's lemons and beauty, Acapulco's heat and colors, Palm Beach's elegance and timelessness, and Mykonos' natural beauty. Similar to our previous exploration of renowned cities, we crafted captivating patterns that encapsulated the essence of each location.

Drawing from Amalfi's citrus allure, Acapulco's vibrant hues, Palm Beach's refined elegance, and Mykonos' natural charm, we carefully incorporated elements such as colors, textures, and iconic landmarks into the print designs. This approach aimed to transport the wearer to these remarkable destinations through their swimwear, evoking a 

sense of wanderlust.

The project involved rigorous research, meticulous concept development, and attention to detail to ensure that each print authentically captured the unique characteristics of the corresponding city. 


Disclaimer: We had no say in the decision-making for the product photoshoot.

Onnea -  Fall '23

Onnea Swimwear


Concept Development & Print Design



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