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Sisters That Cook

In the branding project for Sisters That Cook, an Ecuadorian brand, my aim was to create a distinctive and appealing identity. To achieve this, I employed a combination of two typography styles: serif and script. This unique blend resulted in an elegant yet playful and feminine aesthetic.

To further enhance the brand's image, I opted for a pastel color palette. These gentle and serene shades convey a sense of tranquility and softness. Pastel colors, being less saturated than primary colors, evoke a light, soothing, and calming atmosphere. The carefully curated harmonious color palette contributes to an elegant and sophisticated brand image, infused with a touch of sweetness and femininity.

For the packaging design, I incorporated illustrations of the main ingredients such as corn, cheese, and yuca. These minimalist and clean illustrations serve as visual cues, reflecting the brand's focus on simplicity and allowing the key ingredients to take center stage.

The overall result of the branding project for Sisters That Cook is an elegant and unique style that embodies both a youthful, feminine spirit and a sense of sophistication. The combination of typography styles, pastel colors, and ingredient illustrations creates a visually appealing and harmonious brand identity that aligns with the brand's values and desired image.

Instagram: @sisters.thatcook

Sisters That Cook

Sisters That Cook


Brand Identity & Packaging Design



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